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Wedding dance
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Fall in love...
with your wedding day.

Congratulations on your recent engagement!

My name is Kat Turnbull and I'm a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. I use the combined qualities of psychotherapeutic techniques like Neurolinguistic Programming, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Hypnotherapy to banish stress and anxiety. I understand that for some people, weddings can trigger deep anxiety symptoms like overwhelm, panic, blushing, avoidance, anger and negative thinking, leaving them feeling stressed, disconnected and confused.

I know all too well how anxiety steals your joy and confidence and so I've made it my mission to help all Brides and Grooms get the very best out of their special day, by helping them to prepare their mind. I've helped hundreds of people and won't stop until the word is out: wellness and confidence IS possible!

My Initial Consultation is free of charge- please do reach out if you need any support. We spend thousands on our Wedding Day and we deserve to enjoy it!                     


What’s involved?

At the initial consultation I will explain about the neuroscience of anxiety, which will help you begin to understand what can be done to combat your symptoms. This can be online or in-person. Depending on location (I am happy to travel within reason) we can either spend some time at your wedding venue, to allow you time to relax there and to gather useful information that will help to prepare for your wedding day. Alternatively, we will gather the same information using online resources. 

Weekly sessions will happen via Zoom, which has proven to be extremely effective, or at my therapy space in East Lothian.

Each session is an hour long, and involves a psychotherapeutic conversation and roughly 25 minutes of hypnosis to consolidate learning and facilitate change. There will be an element of home learning, in the form of listening to a hypnosis download and some script writing!

A bespoke hypnosis recording will be provided for every Client in preparation for their day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that sessions require full participation from the client.

Hypnosis is not a magic wand, but with dedication and commitment, changes can be made.

01. Will I feel in control during hypnosis?​

Always. Hypnosis is very natural, and the mind utilises its properties for relaxation and reparation every day, usually when doing something repetitive or mindful. In session, we contrive the same beneficial process to help us manage stress, and suggest positive changes to the subconscious. You are always present, and able to move and speak at will.

02. What’s the investment?

The initial consultation is free, and subsequent sessions are charged at £100. There are no additional costs unless travel is required, when Clients are asked to reimburse my time per hour.

03. How many sessions will I need?

As a guide, I would encourage at least 6 sessions in which to build confidence, or 12 sessions to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms and then build confidence. 

04. What if I’d like further sessions?

These particular sessions will help to prepare you for your wedding, but if you’d like to continue afterwards in therapy, I will be more than happy to work with you. You will find that the work we do has the tendency to positively affect other areas of your life too, and you might want to explore that further!

05. What if we both need help?

That’s fine! And although the initial consultation can be attended together, therapy will be conducted separately. Every client is different. I offer a 10% discount for couples.


Brides & Grooms...

You are invited!

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Join our growing community of happy, confident and healthy Brides & Grooms on the Hypnobrides & Grooms Facebook page. 


Click the link below to RSVP!

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Alternatively, watch this space for an exciting new way to work with me: 


The HypnoBrides & Grooms at home programme. is officially coming!

Move through learning and wellness at your own pace, with weekly practices, activities, videos, bespoke audios and group Zoom calls with me, to prepare your mind for your Big Day. Fall in love all over again. 

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